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The Black Isle and surrounding area offer wonderful opportunities for watching wildlife. This area is best known for Chanonry Point, which can be seen from the cottages. This is one of the best place in Europe to watch Bottlenose dolphins from land, as they often appear just metres from the shore. There are also numerous reserves and walks close to Hillockhead where you enjoy this wonderful landscape and see some of its wild residents.


We own a number of Bushnell trail cameras that are set in the woodlands and coastal areas that are walking distance from the cottages. You can view some of the footage we have captured of the local wildlife, via our YouTube channel. From pine marten to badger, roe deer to otter, we have captured some amazing footage of wildlife  close to the cottages.

Widely accepted as one of the best places in Europe to see Bottlenose dolphins, Chanonry point is a short drive from the cottages and can be seen from the garden. The dolphins can be seen at any time, but a rising tide provides the best opportunities.


Unlike in many areas, the Moray Firth dolphins can be readily viewed from land, although there are excellent boat-based opportunities. With a little patience, several local sites provide a high chance of seeing dolphins, particularly in the summer. Standing on the beach,  they can often be seen just metres from the shore!

Tim Stenton, owner of Hillockhead, has also written 'Moray Firth Dolphins'. You will find a copy in your cottage and he will be happy to advise you on when and where you can see these incredible cetaceans.

Chanonry Point Dolphins

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The Black Isle has much to offer the wildlife watcher & photographer. We work closely with James Roddie and Black Isle Nature Photography. 

Black Isle Nature Photography offer a combination of one-day hide rental and guided workshops to week long wildlife and landscape photography tours across the Highlands of Scotland.

Whether it’s exclusive use of their forest hides on the Black Isle to photograph the local red squirrels and crested tits, a day on the hills with mountain specialists such as ptarmigan or mountain hare in the Cairngorm National Park or the stunning landscapes around the North Coast 500, their fully guided, small group tours aim to get you in the right place at the right time to capture stunning images of your chosen subject.

Knowledgeable guides will be on hand to provide as little or as much direction as needed during your visit.

More information can be found at:


Black Isle Photography Hides

Working with WildlifeKate, the UK Ambassador for Bushnell, we have set a selection of Bushnell trail cameras around the land surrounding the cottages. These cameras provide a unique insight into the wildlife right on our doorstep as they remotely film any wildlife that triggers their sensor.


We have bird feeders set up in the grounds and there are many local walks that are great for bird watching, so bring your binoculars and your camera... you never know what you might spot!



Local Wildlife

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