Live Wildlife Cameras

We have a selection of cameras at Hillockhead, to watch and monitor the wonderful wildlife that visits. Set up using Birdsy cameras, they capture and record footage of the visiting birds and our visiting pine marten!

These are best viewed on a PC or tablet.

Feeding Platform

A wide selection of birds feed here at this feeding platform. You may spot the pine marten at night too.

Moray Firth

A recently installed trial showing the Moray Firth from Fort George to Chanonry Point and beyond.

Pine marten Log stump

This feeding station is for our visiting pine marten. The stumps are filled with egg and peanuts each night and exterior lamps light the area for night time viewing.

Dolphin View Cottages,

Hillockhead, Eathie Rd,

Rosemarkie   IV10 8SL


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