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Bushnell Trail Cameras at Hillockhead

We are using Bushnell trail cameras in the area around Hillockhead to discover what wildlife is right on our doorstep. These videos showcase some of the wildlife we have captured. These remote camera use a passive Infra-red sensor to detect an animal and to trigger the camera to record. They are unobtrusive and, running on batteries, they can easily be set up to monitor an area. Our YouTube Channel will showcase our best captures.


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Otters have been captured on the Bushnells in various locations close to Hillockhead.  

The coast around the Moray Firth provides a perfect habitat for otter. If you are lucky, you may see them hunting along the coast near to the cottages.

Keep an eye out on rocks for their distinctive 'sprint'. This often contains fish scales and is said to have the aroma of jasmine tea!


Pine Marten

The beautiful woodlands surrounding the cottages are a fantastic habitat for pine marten.


These mammals  live in the woodlands,  feeding on small rodents, birds, eggs insects and fruit.  

We are setting up a series of feeding stations to try to gain an insight into how many individuals there may be.


Pine marten have very distinctive, individual bib markings and the Bushnells will be pivotal in helping us establish an understanding of the local population. 

The Bushnells have shown us that we have a healthy population of badger in the woodlands. We are currently using the Bushnells to learn more about their movements and to locate the setts.


After seeing their tracks in the woodlands, we were delighted when we started to capture clips of Roe deer.


The Bushnells are being used to try to establish the areas where the deer most like to visit. We are also hoping to capture footage of the rut in Autumn and the birth of fawns in the Spring.



There are many different bird species to be seen around the cottages, in the surrounding woodlands and down on the coast.

We often have birds visiting areas where we have set the Bushnells and you never quite know what might show up!

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